Fedex Your Way to Better Results

Fedex Your Way to Better Results

FedEx Your Way


Have you ever seen a Fedex logo? Do you notice anything special about this award-winning logo developed by Lindon Leader in 1994?  Today you can see Fedex deliveries everywhere but if you take a second and look at the logo you will notice something very unique. Leader’s design features an “hidden” arrow in the white space of the E and X of Fedex. (See picture Below) Lindon Leader  says the arrow is meant to represent speed, precision and act of moving forward. The founder of Fedex, Fred Smith noticed the arrow and that could possibly be the reason the logo was chosen. If you’ve never saw this hidden arrow before  it is ok because you simply just weren’t aware that it was there.

There is something really cool about awareness. Once awareness is there it is always present. I’d like to offer you my opinion of the Fedex logo in expression of a meaning  that could help you see a different perspective of who you really are and what you see. Let’s offer another look at the Fedex logo. This time i would like for you  to take a look at the “e” in the “Fed” of Fedex. Lets just say you were to subject yourself to seeing the inside white space of “e” in Fedex as a measuring spoon. If you squint you can see that it seems to be a measuring spoon with a top. I’ll just agree and say that i only noticed the spoon before noticing any top to the measuring spoon but there is definitely a measuring spoon there. Now that you have noticed the measuring spoon and the arrow in the Fedex logo I’d like to offer you a quick exercise while you are sitting completely still.


Let's take a look at the Fedex logo, You will notice in the logo that the measuring spoon as mentioned above appears on the left and is contained inside of the word “Fed”. You will also notice that the arrow is contained inside of the letters “ex”. I offer the perspective of the “arrow” being in front of the measuring spoon representing “the act of moving forward” as Lindon Leader signified. Lets also let the “arrow” represent positive attraction.  However, the “measuring spoon” is behind the “arrow” to my perspective this represents the past or your past. Lets also let the “measuring spoon” represent all negative attraction or unwanted outcomes.  Steve Jobs said “You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards”. I offer you the ability to look at were you are now in this current moment and ask yourself, Are you were you want to be in life? Have you done the work it takes to really identify your purpose and who you really are?  If not, thats ok because its never too late to start working on a new and improved better SELF.


The “Fedex” principal is in meaning of adding up or “measuring” all of your past results (“connecting the dots” as Steve Jobs said) and understanding where it has gotten you— which is the result of where you are today in your present moment. The past life that you have lived doesn’t have to become your future reality. It only becomes your future reality when you are living in the past and based off the past. The negative thoughts and emotions like fear, hate, anger and guilt are not who you really are. Some of us may not be where we want to be at this point in life but that is ok. The “arrow” is the perspective you need to direct a new path a fresh new outlook and perspective on life here as the human experience. Positive thoughts and creating your future the way you see it. Living life without doubts, fear, anger, hate and guilt. This is what life really should be about, full of abundance and joy. Now that you are aware of the Fedex principal lets gear up for taking the proper action steps to creating the future the way it should be. A life full of growth and expansion.  


Tim Buckley FIT

Fitolosophy 101


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