Tim Buckley Fitlosophy Academy

11:11 Laws of Cultivation and Growth

What is the Tim Buckley Fitlosophy Academy?

The Fitlosophy Academy is dedicated to helping you discover a new found awareness in your human potential. We are here to guide you and encourage a higher level of focused driven performance. You deserve greatness and the Tim Buckley Fitlosophy Academy is here to help you achieve it. 

What problem will you help solve?

The truth is most of us feel like we are not getting the results that we want out of life, knowing there is much more to life than feeling stuck. Can you imagine having no fear to go after what you deserve? I mean literally your calling is knocking at your door, have you the awareness to see what is right in front of you? The Fitlosophy Academy is here to guide you and help you dedicate yourself to the greatness that you deserve. 

What is the Solution to the problem?

Tim Buckley has taken the time with experience and careful research to compile the ideal steps it takes to come out of stagnation or feeling stuck. The bigger question is " Do you believe in yourself "?  Do you believe that you have what it takes to be a success? Do you believe that given the proper tools that you can too, prosper and live the life that you want to live? If so, Tim Buckley has created the 11:11 Core Pillar Principles here inside of the Tim Buckley Fitlosophy Academy. 

Statistics of the World:

Statistics show there are many people globally that are struggling with health issues, weight problems, mental health trauma, and many other psychological blockages that keep people from attaining there goals that they have set out to achieve.


The 11:11 Core Pillar Principles by Tim Buckley

Laws of Cultivation and Growth into the Human Potential

1. Commit to Inspire

2. Get to Know Yourself

3. Address your Character 

4. Be the Change You Want to See

5. Health Brings Wealth

6. You're on the Clock

7. Respect to Self

8. Shift your Gift

9. You are the Business

10. Burning Desire

11. Patience is Key


Fitness is Beyond Physical, Are you ready to take your game to next level and reach your highest human potential? 


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